“Holy moly! It was AMAZING! Like there is no words to describe how scrumptious it truly was!” MC

“ Never had anything from here I didn’t love. Truly amazing and very well decorated. Their vegan cosmic brownies are my favorite and the cannoli's are unbelievable. The vegan tiramisu is the best I’ve ever found and the millionaire bars are top notch." - K

“My new favorite vegan bakery! The candy bars are top notch. I ordered a carrot cake and it was the best I’ve ever had. Can’t wait for another event that gives me an excuse for another custom cake from Sweet Hazel & Co." - AD

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A new vegan favorite

I discovered Sweet Hazel at a vegan food truck while in Maui. After visiting their website I wanted to try them all but Crunchy Break had exactly what I was looking for: chocolate, peanuts, peanut butter and nougat. So good! The peanuts and peanut butter keep the sweetness of the nougat in balance. The portion is generous, so much so I cut it into three to savor longer. Will order again!

Vegan 6pk of Snickers

Absolutely delicious
I will definitely be buying them again

jumbo vegan peanut butter cup 9 6pk)

Absolutely delish!!!
Will be punching again!!!

Best vegan candy

This was the best vegan candy I’ve had. Truly like Snickers.


These bars are delicious!! The caramel is quite possibly the best I've had. This is a big bar so it lasted a few days as I savored every bite.

Funfetti Cake
LaTonya Howard
First time oredering

My order arrived very quickly and packages very nicely. And most importantly my chocolate bars that I ordered didn’t last long in my house because I couldn’t stop eating them. I will be placing an order this week and will definitely let others know where to buy the best vegan chocolate bars 😋😋

1st time

I will definitely be ordering again. I ordered the confetti cake and several candy bars and boy were they delicious 😋😋

Always a 5!

I can't get enough! 🥰🤤

Peanut Overload
Robyn Howard
This one was my favorite!

Really enjoying all of my selections, but this may be the family fave.

3 Amigos
Jennifer Zeares
So so so good

The best vegan candy bars ever. I really enjoy these and the snix. Of course, you can't go wrong with any of the shipped candy.

My favorite candybar

I absolutely love these crunchies. I found these amazing folks on Etsy many years ago and have ordered from them many times and each time it is a treat! They ship with ice packs so the chocolate candies stay cool during shipment. Needless to say these candies don’t last long once unpacked!

Funfetti Cake
Ashley M.
Simply Delish!

Perfect portion, moist and delicious. Would reorder the Funfetti Cake for sure.

Vegan Samoa Bar
Denise Reinwald

So good

Take 2
Ashley Pevine

Absolutely delectable! I can't get enough! 🥰

Easy Break
David M.

Fast Break used to be my favorite chocolate bar before going vegan. The Easy Break hit the mark perfectly! I wish I could buy it at my local stores so I could have it all the time. Thanks for making such delicious and cruelty free chocolates!

worth it everytime

I love ordering chocolate from Sweet Hazel, and am never disappointed in my shipment.

Vegan Snix (4-Pack)

Super Scrumptious

This was a surprise Valentine treat for my vegan college student. We love supporting local plant based businesses. My daughter said she thoroughly enjoyed the peanut butter brownie bar 😋

3 Amigos
Elizabeth Pritchard
Just like the real deal!

This was amazing! I couldn’t even tell it was vegan!

This is a fam favorite

I buy this for myself but anyone that has ever come at a time when I’m having this have always ask for a second bite. Delish!

Sweet but that’s what I came here for

Such a delight. The caramel is great but the chocolate ganache… amazing

Galaxy Bar
Adriana Acevedo

Second time ordering and I love everything. The galaxy bar is my current favorite. Reminds me of a Milky Way. The texture is great and like the og bar if you want a softer texture just leave it room temp. If you want the chocolate less melty, leave it on the fridge. Either way there is no wrong


Ordered these for my husband who is a peanut butter junkie and he could not get enough! Insists they were better than any Reece’s product out there! Will be buying again!

Gooey chocolatey peanutbuttery

Can't describe how amazing and decadent these are - order them now!

Craving a snickers? Try these instead!

Absolutely delicious!