“Holy moly! It was AMAZING! Like there is no words to describe how scrumptious it truly was!” MC

“ Never had anything from here I didn’t love. Truly amazing and very well decorated. Their vegan cosmic brownies are my favorite and the cannoli's are unbelievable. The vegan tiramisu is the best I’ve ever found and the millionaire bars are top notch." - K

“My new favorite vegan bakery! The candy bars are top notch. I ordered a carrot cake and it was the best I’ve ever had. Can’t wait for another event that gives me an excuse for another custom cake from Sweet Hazel & Co." - AD

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Best Vegan Candybars EVER

First had these at a food truck in Honolulu and have been ordering them since I’ve been home. Closest thing to a Snickers I’ve run across, I freeze these, eat ‘em from the cupboard, just absolutely amazing.

Taster then expected

The best vegan candy bars I've ever had!

As always, these are the best vegan candy bars I've ever had! They never disappoint. The chocolate is beyond delicious and the candy within is just perfect.


Take 2

This is a repeat order for me! I love everything in them.

Vegan Caramel Chews

These are hard to stop eating! So good! One of my favorites.

Vegan Creamy Mylk Cadbury Eggs

So delicious! It’s amazing to have a vegan version of an Easter candy staple.

Vegan Crunchies (4-Pack)
Leslie Sotelo
Love! Love ! Love!

I purchased a bar at my local Vegan Burger restaurant and we hadn't finished it before we placed an order. The bars are such a delicious treat!

I buy these for my daughter who is lactose and dairy intolerant, I am glad she loves them especially because she is a sweet eater. Thank yoi so much for making something she can eat and love.


So good. Perfect blend of sweetness with the peanut butter. A home run for sure. Sweet Hazel does not skimp on the size either.

Vegan Creamy Mylk Cadbury Eggs
Unbelievably Good!

Do not pass these up! I’ve been vegan for 20 years and these tastes just like I remember from childhood. It’s only been in the past few years I’ve seen vegan versions of Cadbury eggs pop up and I’ve tried a couple - they’ve been good but weren’t really like Cadbury ones. When I saw on social media that they have been working on this recipe for years and finally got it - I thought well they’re serious about getting the flavor and texture right and let me tell you - THEY GOT IT RIGHT!

Vegan Creamy Mylk Cadbury Eggs

These taste just how I remember the original non-vegan ones tasting like! They also seem bigger. I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! :)

Vegan Caramel Sauce
Lissette Condo
Best Vegan candy Bars

These candy bars were the perfect Valentines gift to my husband (and for me lol). Flavor and texture on point, delicious and fun to explore together which bar is our favorite one. We loved all of them. 10 starts! Delivery was perfect for me since I live far and prefer not to drive.

Amazingly yummy

Got as a valentine's gift for my partner who is gluten-free and non-dairy (I took one for the team and ate the gluteny ones) and he loved him (and I did too). Amazing candy bars


The Samoa Bar was good.

Digital Gift Card
Heather W. J.
Gift card - thank you from 1,065 miles away! : )

I live in Iowa and discovered Sweet Hazel from a lovely human I follow on Instagram - I wanted to thank her for the wonderful Instagram content, and a Sweet Hazel gift card was just the thing! Hope I can visit in person someday!

Vegan Snix

My favorite vegan candy bar in the whole world! I can’t compare it to any other bar.

Jumbo Vegan Peanut Butter Cups (6-Pack)
Leelee DJ
So freaking good!!

I will definitely be purchasing again! Yummy!!

Vegan Crunchies (4-Pack)
Andrea Bitar

I’m obsessed with sweet hazel I don’t even live in Utah but me and my husband visited Salt Lake City in 2021 and tried sweet hazel then. And ever since, we’ve been ordering sweet hazel chocolates because they’re the best vegan chocolates I’ve ever tried ever !! We usually get the snix but this time I wanted to try something new - the crunchies are like Twix but way better because the quality of the chocolate is perfecto . Thx for making the best vegan chocolates !

Galaxy Bar

amazing, delicious

3 Amigos


Vegan Crunchies (4-Pack)
Halle Shiling

Vegan Crunchies (6-Pack)